The ‘Makes Sense’ paradigm — and how its impacting our lives during COVID-19!

Should there be a connection in every part of our life?
Question paper — for some it’s a nightmare, and for some it’s a relief!
The imaginative career path!

The ‘Makes Sense’ paradigm!

You may call it as ‘logical thinking’ or ‘critical thinking’ or ‘decision making’ — but, the underlying fact is that we always want to provide ourselves an answer, which ‘makes sense’.

The future should ‘make sense’!

“Is using ‘logic’ bad for our lives?” — “Totally not.”

In fact, the logical thinking or the ‘makes sense’ paradigm is the one that helps us to do and accomplish so many things in the world. Let’s say for any business or political organizations or educational institutions — the most successful ones are most often the ones which are able to predict the future — like those, who clearly see the distinction between what makes sense for the future and what doesn’t. It is immensely beneficial to logically think through, set goals or outcomes for the future and it will benefit the larger community working on the shared vision for sure.

The Pandemics are Stressful!

This was the title of the article on the topic coping with stress during COVID-19 issues by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the United States.

COVID-19 — A global challenge!
An art of the ancient cave people!

The world is an ambigous place.



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