One Year with IEEE Madras Young Professionals! #BehindTheScenes

First Madras YP Meetup 2019! ❤

#1 The diverse team of volunteers!

The Madras YP team!
The agenda in our first STEP event! Courtesy: Ashvanth

#2 Every volunteer has a voice!

This is something that I believe quite important in every volunteering committee or team, every volunteer should be provided with an opportunity to voice out their opinions and share their perspectives, in other words, disseminating the decision making process!

a. Systemic shift — Reporting ‘all’ the committee volunteers on VTools

Officer Reporting and activity reporting are two important aspects related to any IEEE committees. Let me explain, whenever a new committee sworn in — the volunteers need to report the list of new office bearers on a tool called us ‘VTools’, this is something that IEEE MGA manages directly — this plays a crucial role when we wish to communicate anything to MGA or access privilege related to MGA like WebEx access, activity reporting etc.

The updated VTools with every volunteer added to the roster!

b. Process Shift — the whole committee involved in deciding anything!

To consciously disseminate the decision-making process — we followed some simple but effective steps.

#3 We are willing to take up responsibilities & doing experiments to learn!

Over the time — our committee has organized activities that are sometimes beyond our scope or responsibilities. To quote a few examples a webinar with all the IEEE MGA Student Award Winners & an interactive webinar with the past Richard E. Merwin Scholars from IEEE Madras Section.

Webinar on IEEE MGA Student Awards! This was one of the first webinars of the lockdown season.
Webinar with Richard E Merwin Scholars from IEEE Madras Section!

#4 We believe in collaboration!

When we had our first meeting — we had ‘collaboration’ and ‘societies’ as one of our key priorities. Over the past one year, we also brought it out in our action, so far, we collaborated with the following organizational units,

IEEE is ONE community, and it is important to uphold collaboration as a key value!

There is another way that this specific aspect has helped us enormously — FUNDS!

One of our partnership posters!

#5 We love volunteering!

Now, this is the most significant aspect — all the points mentioned above are possible because we had a committee rooted on this one common trait — we are extremely passionate about volunteering!

The team picture! PS — We missed Ashvanth here.
Online meeting during the COVID break!
Credits: Abdul Halik, the one who usually designs our HBD posters!
  • All the Madras YP team members — Prof. Arun, Karthika, Ashvanth, Pooja,Vinod, Sudharshan, Abdul, Prof. Venkateshkumar
  • Manoharan Sir (Past IEEE Madras Section Chair) & the entire Section 2019 Executive Committee
  • Kumarappan Sir (IEEE Madras Section Chair) & the entire Section 2020 Executive Committee
  • IEEE India Young Professionals team, IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals team, IEEE MGA Young Professionals team
  • All the YP members of IEEE Madras Section



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