[Facilitator experience] Business Plan & Business Model Canvas

Credits to the PES YP team of Kerala for the poster!

Let us get to the ‘Business’!

Business in simple terms, can be defined as ‘adding value to the customers’. There are multiple aspects to a successful business — starting from requirements of the market, the timing of the product/service being offered, and the efforts behind the screens, such as PR and marketing.

Getting to the business!

Why do we need a ‘Business Plan’?

While there are so many reasons, that business plans are created and iterated by the management professional in every business, two things as benefits really stood out to me!

Why Business Plan?

The business plan!

We will look deep into what are important components of a business plan and understand briefly about each one of them.

The essential components of a business plan!

The business model canvas!

While the business plan (in most cases), in usually an external document — which are written for a specific audience for a specific purpose, the business model canvas is a great internal document, that can be created and iterated by the founders of any business to gain clarity and consciously follow the direction in your business.

The Business Model Canvas! (Credits: Canva)

The business model Canvas of Uber!

i. Customer segment — (i) Passengers (ii) Drivers



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